D7100 owners having to INCREASE shutter speeds to avoid softness?

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Old myths die hard

The number of pixels is irrelevant, what is important is final output size and viewing distance. Does anyone publish larger images on the internet if they use a 24MP rather than a 6/10/12/16MP camera?

Have magazine page sizes increased because of higher pixel counts now available?

If you had to print a billboard from a 10MP file, what's the difference if you now have a 24MP file? Actually, there is one, the printing resolution used will be higher using a higher pixel count and results will be better.

The issue comes when one checks IQ at 100% on a low res monitor, no matter what the original pixel count of file is. Then AF accuracy, DoF, camera shake, all have a different impact. One should always compare different cameras at same final output size, at same viewing distance.

The 1/FL rule, even corrected for sensor size, requires that image is 12x8" viewed from 2 ft away, the standard for DoF and all image characteristics.

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