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Re: About the EVF.

MichaelKJ wrote:

gregs4163 wrote:

I agree with you 100% I can't for the life of me see any of the problems they are talking about? color or focus mine seems to be perfectly fine in my eyes???? Another thing too is they seem to agree that the GH3 is a step up from the GH2 in image quality, ergonomics, video etc... the list goes on, yet they give it the same exact score (79%) as the GH2???? shouldn't it get points for moving forward and building on an already great camera!

My understanding is that cameras are scored based on current state of the art and technology. If scores were relative to older cameras, they would eventually end up over 100%.

This is common practice. IQ tests and college admission tests (SAT, ACT) are recalibrated every few years. If the same IQ scale was used that was used 50 years ago, the average IQ today would be about 120 instead of 100.

Then that makes no sense "current state of technology" what is your baseline? which camera do you compare it to? what makes any of the scores relative? if this is there rational then the numerical score is meaningless, you never shoot at a moving target because you never have a baseline to compare?

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