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Re: Tech-crunch article + DPR - thoughts

RoelHendrickx wrote:

Anders W wrote:

RoelHendrickx wrote:

Anders W wrote:

kenw wrote:

And a Google cached version of a Tech Crunch article with some more specifics:

Tech Crunch LR5 Announcement

Thanks to Google for caching it and to you for catching it. Looks pretty interesting don't you think? I think nobody was expecting a new major release this early. At least I didn't. It's just a year or so since LR 4 was released now if I recall correctly. But OK, this is a beta version.

I really don't read very much there that makes my heart beat faster.

I can agree that it looks less revolutionary than LR 4 was. But I am pretty sure I will appreciate the new and better spot removal tool as well as the "upright" tool (which not only straightens the horizon but also corrects perspective distortion if I understand things right). If the "upright" automatization feature is done well it would save me quite a bit of time since it is something I do on a routine basis. Not difficult at all as it now is but a bit time-consuming.

True. I also do a bit of horizontal/vertical perspective corrections sometimes, but the fact is that I often stop before it is "totally" corrected because I often feel that looks unnatural.  The best look for me is often inbetween the original and the "full" correction, and it is subjective.  A mathematical and automated approach may make things worse than they originally were in my subjective view.  And then it is the question how easy it is to tone down the correction.

When I correct perspective distortion (which I do often but not always; there are cases where it wouldn't make sense at all), I usually correct it fully rather than partly. But I'd guess that the automation (if it works well) might save you some time even with your partial approach. You'll quickly get to the starting point. If that looks fine, just leave it. If not, pull back slightly.

The value of the selective highlight feature is a bit hard to judge without knowing more.


I don't need extra preview copies to be made of my images.

I'll straighten horizons myself or will choose not to.

And spot removal?  I don't usually remove anything anyway.

If that is the bulk of the improvement, then I will happily stick with LR4 another while.

Now that was a real major improvement over LR3, as LR3 was over LR2.

We'll wait and see.


Just read also the DPR announcement.


On second thought there may be a few things worthwhile:

* improved slideshow (does it do Ken Burns?)

* radial Grad tool

Ah well...  Another while before it is finished anyway.

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