Do I really "need" a Q :-)

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Re: Do I really "need" a Q :-)

audiobomber wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Dan, the Q with the #01 prime is a very good combination.  Make sure that you get the latest firmware - it adds IS to manual focus lenses and also provides focus peaking.  It cannot be a K-01 of course but it is surprisingly good and takes reasonable images.  My "fun" lens is a 38mm f1.9 prime in D mount.  It does not vignette and is actually about 212 mm f1.9 on the Q.  I get plenty of self-chuckles about just how powerful a combination this is in such a little package.

Thanks for the encouragement Tom. The idea was to try and live with just the 01 prime as long as I can before I add anything, but the K-adapter is an obvious temptation, and the fisheye is already pulling me.

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I think you will really like the #01 lens, it is good.  The toys I am afraid are just expensive toys. There is a whole lot of ins and outs with after market lenses and adapters.  I have had some trouble with infinity focus adjustment, - especially C and D mounts, but a K adapter will probably be fine.  The crop factor has to factor in.  My take is that you can get away with the telephoto effect with a small format lens better.  Some ex-movie lenses are pretty fast for their type.  Ergo my 38mm 1.9 in D mount, effectively a super-fast 212mm, had to adjust infinity focus, don't know whether it is the adapter (don't think so) or the lens was just mis-aligned - new old stock in a box.  Beautiful lens, now corrected, works well.

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