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I am quite impressed with the detail and color that Photo Ninja reveals, but I much prefer the automatic lens correction found in ACR or NX2. I know one can manually correct lens distortion in PN, but this is not always easy, especially if there are no clear horizontal lines in the picture. Is there some way of combining the strengths of these programs — e.g., having the lens correction from ACR or NX2 be read by PN?

I appreciate hearing any suggestions since I don't want to have to choose between an easy rendering of detail and an easy rendering of geometry.

When developing your raw file in ACR turn off any automatic edits that you believe Photo Ninja performs better. Use ACR to perform the edits that it does best.

Open your file in Photoshop normally, then acceess the Photo Ninja plugin. You can now adjust the file  with parts of the plugin where Photo Ninja is superior i.e. noise reduction, sharpening in conjunction with noise reduction etc. etc.. When finished Photo Ninja will return the file to Photoshop with its edits applied or you can choose to return it to its original condition.

The problem with this workflow, as I understand it, is that you are using the inferior program, ACR, as the raw convertor and, thus, are sacrificing one of the great advantages of Photo Ninja.

rswa specifically requested information on how to utilize ACR with PN. At no time did I suggest that ACR is a superior or inferior program.  I just gave rswa the information that was requested, with no editorial comment, leaving it up to him to see if the technique that I related met his needs.

A better solution is to create your own custom lens correction filters using the tool in PN's Distortion module.  It is very straightforward and easy to do.  All you have to do is find a suitable building to use as your subject.  I have done this for all of my Pentax lenses as well as my RX1.  The results are excellent.  Why not use PN as it was intended to be used?

Ultimately, Photo Ninja will offer a profile sharing feature, but for now, the distortion correctio tool is your best option.

rswa owns ACR. ACR is at version 7.XX, PN is at version 1.1.xx. Saying that PN is superior in all aspects is naive. In the future it may well develope into the best all round raw developer, it's not there yet.

I believe that rswa has the right attitude, that is to be a tool agnostic - use the best tool (or combination of tools) that is available for your edit.


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