The (in)significance of resolution

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Thanks, Richard (Not!)

Nicely done Richard, nicely done, personalise the debate whereever possible!

I'm not really attempting to prove anything here nor am I making any comment about Bayer vs Foveon images dispite your efforts to claim otherwise.

I simply compared a 16MP bayer file to a 42MP Bayer file at print sizes that fit on A4 and A3 paper and found no detail differences.

The conclusion I drew was that if you are printing on typical desk top printers on matte paper, previous generation cameras are quite sufficient (i.e. if you have a 16MP camera you won't see improved detail on a small print by moving up to a D800 or likewise for a 4.6MP Foveon vs Merrill sensor unless you print big (A2,A1, larger).  The limitation is the printer, ink, paper, eyesight not sensor.

Not really controversial I would have thought and absolutely nothing to do with Foveon vs Bayer.

So please remove your snide remarks about me and concentrate on the topic at hand if you wish to contribute.



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