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Re: backup strategies

rstone wrote:

I also use FreeFileSynch and absolutely love it. If you run in in "mirror" mode, you can't go wrong.

Do all your editing on C:, then mirror to E: . FFS will copy and/or overwrite the E: drive as needed as well as deleting all the files from the E: if you have deleted them from C:

Did I say it's fast and easy..? You simply set up the folders you want to back up on each side then run it.. Here are some of the folders I have set up for example:

C: My Documents ----> E: My Documents

C: Photos -----> E: Photos

C: MP3 ------> E: MP3


This sounds good, although my C: drive got overloaded with photos so I have off-loaded them onto a 2TB external usb drive. This program would still be useful to me for backing up the external drive automatically. And, fast and easy is one of the keys for me because otherwise, since I am an amateur and can focus on photography irregularly, it is not likely to get relaiably done. Thank you for the help.

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