Metabones Speed Booster for Pentax K lenses?

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Re: Nikon speedbooster

KentG wrote:

You are missing the entire point of the adapter. There are less Pentax users on the planet than Canon and Nikon by a large margin. Its not the number of lenses available but the number of users available to buy it. They probably did a demographic study pinpointing how many NEX users had both a NEX and a DSLR system and which one. Also what kind of lenses NEX owners would like to be able to mount. And I am betting that in Europe Contax, Zeiss and Alpa were on the radar due the the high overall quality of their lenses (I was an Alpa shooter once upon a time).

They are not looking to sell these to people who would go out and buy a certain brand of lens to mount, but instead to people who already have the brand of lens they want to mount.

Kent Gittings

Kent for my "two bob" I still think that the aperture lever out the back is a problem.  Also the Canon EF version actually "talks" to the Sony NEX body.  Perhaps it might be possible to fiddle with a MF PK mount but an autofocus PK lens might be in the hands of the firmware boffins to sort out.

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