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Re: About the EVF.

As i said recently it's not great but not a deal-breaker for me. I tried two in shops and bought one from a third shop and they all like you to keep your eye centred quite accurately. Also there is an interesting difference between using peripheral vision and actually looking at various parts of the viewfinder.
I'm personally unconvinced it is down to eye defects as I've used a lot of EVFs over the years and never seen this before, including my previous Panasonic one, plus my vision is pretty good (not 20/20 though).
I do think it's the optics not the display - I found the E-M5 to be great for example, but the GH3 to be a significant step up in everything except EVF and weight (for me that is).
Since several professional reviewers and a bunch of people here agree with me I don't think we're imagining it.

**** However I will say it does seem to be critical on the diopter adjustment, so I wonder if some people have a setting that is perfect for them and others lose out between stops due to it being hyper-critical. I would say mess with this a bit if you have a problem. ****

BTW it doesn't worry me when shooting, nor the fact I haven't got the colours accurate enough yet, but would have been nice to have been better in the first place (e.g. like the already mentioned E-M5).

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