how does the 16-50 PZ lens compare to the 18-55 kit lens on the NEX 5N specifically?

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Re: how does the 16-50 PZ lens compare to the 18-55 kit lens on the NEX 5N specifically?

Rickj23 wrote:

Gary wrote: ...I thought production only switched from Thailand to Japan due to the flood destroying their factory in Thailand?

I have no beef with my Thai-made 18-55.

A bit like comparing BMW made in US with BMW made in Bavaria. The US made BMW will spend 3x as much time in the workshop as would the German made BMW .... yet the advertising campaign will tell you that they are both made to same exacting standards.  I have been there ... and have the tee shirt to prove it.

3x!  How do they stay in business?

My VW is made in Germany, but no one has been able to say that Mexican made VWs are that much worse, if any (at least on the VW forums I frequent).  (Many parts are probably still made overseas.  Even the German-made cars are going to have parts made other than in Germany.)

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Gary W.

German VW cars have gearboxes and other parts made in Czech Republic [by Skoda] and in Slovakia [by company that makes all EU made Audi Q7].  If you think that Mexican, Brazilian, or Chinese made VW cars are as good, or better than German made vehicles, than that is your prerogative.

VWs made in Mexico have many of the same parts made in the same places as those in Germany.  I don't know about or care about VWs made in China, but reading a US message board, I don't notice a huge slew of problems coming from the Mexican made variant of the car I drive.  I think your original claim of 3x is overstated.  Your bad BMW experience could just as well just be the brand.  As Henry mentioned, a company like Honda is able to turn out quality cars made in the US.  I wouldn't buy VW or BMW expecting Honda or Toyota quality, but they are more fun to drive.  Sometimes you gotta live with these tradeoffs.

I happen to think otherwise.  Nor that long ago I have bought a Sony replacement charger for Sony FG1 battery [from HK on E-Bay], when it arrived, it looked identical to one that was sold in the local Sony dedicated outlet, the packaging was identical ... but the price was 30% of what it would cost me to buy this unit in UK.  The first time I plugged the charger into mains, it overheated and cracked in the glued seams. It was one of the white, universal chargers that take 3 different Sony batteries.  Gone back to E-Bay, raised the case against the Hong Kong seller on account of them selling the fakes and calling them a "genuine Sony product" .... and back came the answer ... "please don't give us the negative review, we will give you your money back"... "our product is the genuine Sony product" ... but it is "intended for sale in Chinese market only".

I suppose as long as we're talking prerogatives, it's your prerogative to believe that, but I would assume that it's simply a knock-off battery and not "genuine".  There have been posts before about how good the packaging can look on the fakes.

The fact was, that although the product was correctly rated [input and output Voltage], it didn't comply with European safety regulations  ... which Sony really didn't care about, because Chinese consumer has low expectations of the product quality. So in the case of BMW cars made in US and the Mercedes cars being made in South Africa? There is a reason why German cars are cheaper in US, or in RSA, then they are in Germany .... and the reason is that Americans don't expect much and as long as it has the right badge on the bonnet ... that is good enough.

The reason everything is cheaper in the US is because of  taxes.

I on the other hand expect the premium quality If I am paying the premium price. This business of globalisation was meant to provide us with cheaper, yet good quality [or acceptable] products.  When it comes to photography .... acceptable is not the word that comes to my mind. And when it comes to Japanese corporations like Sony ... the word "cheap" is not in their vocabulary, irrespective of whether the lens is made in Korea ... or in Rwanda-Burundi.

What was the topic again?  

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Gary W.

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