Olympus B-300 TC issues

Started Apr 9, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Olympus B-300 TC issues

Guess what happens when someone receives a busted second-hand B-300 TC from Europe (probably came apart in transit -- giving the seller the benefit of the doubt), doesn't know anything about fixing lenses, but gives it a shot anyway?  Well, I'm not entirely sure what happens in most of these cases actually.  But in this one, everything turned out really well, in spite of a few bumps along the way (the main one being a tiny chip in the edge of the inner lens element that had resulted in tiny bits of glass going on all sorts of wonderful adventures).

Not saying these are great shots.  In fact I went a little overboard with the EC.  But I'm happy with the sharpness, and that's what counts:

Oh, and one more thing: the extra zoom is just about perfect in terms of easy accessibility to the local birdlife.  With only 600mm I was spooking birds way too easily, but being about to stand back even just an extra meter or two makes a big difference.  It's exactly what I was hoping for.

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