Focus motors: In-body vs in-lens

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Re: Focus motors: In-body vs in-lens

Dirk W wrote:

I had broken motors in two 18-135s, I read here on this forum about a number of broken motors in AF-S 300f4s

The 300mm f4 AFS is another lens I have owned for many years with no problem. I don't think there is another lens in that range that would suit me better. Lovely IQ, very decent close-focus ability and it has a useful aperture ring. It's another example of a lens that has paid me back over the years and I'm glad I bought it. If it broke I'd have it fixed.

and found some links with weirdly behaving AF-S motors on youtube. I don't like that at all, I prefer owning good lenses that simply work with many generations of camera bodies without defects.

Me too. So far that's what I got. Must have had it 10 years.

I think the problem is you see a case highlighted because it went wrong but the many many users who don't have a problem are not likely to start a post saying 'my lens works as it should even afer 'x' years'. Your view gets warped by the minority because the majority have no need to speak out.

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