Moire: JPEG versus processed RAW (comparision pics)

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Re: Moire: JPEG versus processed RAW (comparision pics)

I agree !
I still have a S5pro as my backup camera, and honestly, I miss the "Hyper Utilities" - RAW - converter on the X-pro1.
This may be surprising, as Hyper Utilities was not at all appreciated generally, and operation was rather painful. However, it was very useful for the limited use I gave it. I let it do only, what it does best: I only used it to go from RAW to TIFF 16 bit. This got me the best base I could find, to continue all further processing in Photoshop.
Operational-wise, Hyper Utilities offers the same settings as in-camera for the jpeg-output, in particular for Film-simluation. But you can do it at home after the shooting, and on the computer screen. Quality-wise, it did a better conversion and better detail as well as the in-camera jpeg/tiff-engine. And it delivered 16 bit tiff. Of course, there was no in-camera "after shot" RAW converter on the S5pro. But anyway, for post-processing, I would not miss that, as I really prefer the computer screen and the mouse to the flimsy in-camera operation. In-camera post-processing is really just interesting for particular on-site emergencies, when no computer is available.
I really would find it nothing else than decent, to get an equivalent or better converter as in-camera, for the use on the computer, just as Hyper Utility was.
With HU, you can choose to keep the film simulation setting just like it was set when the picture was taken, and Hyper Utility renders it that way, but with better quality and to tiff. With the same Fuji colors obviouseliy.
Or you could change the Film simulation to any other setting. Or you could bring out more DR (taking further advantage of the SuperCCT- capabilites). And so on.
This was in my opinion very user friendly, as the software was so close to the in-camera-settings, but with more possibilities and available higher quality.
Why does Fujifilm not offer any really Fujifilm - like RAW - converter for its X-cameras? I would really appreciate that.
So please Fuji, bring us Hyper Utility back for the X-Fujis !
Or maybe the guys who did s7raw would like to step into the breach? They already did it once in the superCCD - era, to do the job better and for free, than the processor that was delivered by default with the camera purchase, such as EX today.

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