Need advice reg. recently bought 35mm f/1.8 Dx lens

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Re: Need advice reg. recently bought 35mm f/1.8 Dx lens

mobi1 wrote:

Usually smaller apertures are great equalizers. To show 35 mm F/1.8 its true mettle, you need to shoot real life pictures using larger aperture and in low light.
Having said so, I think this lens is overrated. For outdoor shooting in bright light, its quality is comparable to that of a standard zoom (like Nikon 18-55/18-200 etc.). However, this lens is good for creative shots where you can have a very shallow DOF.

I agree with the first part but disagree with the comparison to the kit.  If the OP's test results are accurate, I suspect the OP has a bad copy of the 35mm.

See the review of the 35mm lens at Cameralabs. The lens is sharper at 1.8 than the 16-85mm is at 4.5. The 16-85mm is considered to be superior to the kit lens. By f2.8 the 35mm is prickly sharp, a sharpness level that the 16-85mm never reaches. In this test, the 35mm is noticeably sharper at all common apertures. Other reviews of the 35mm are consistent.

My copy of the 35mm (since given away) also was extremely sharp, and it was definitely sharper than a kit lens. Unfortunately, I did not find that it excel in shallow DOF shooting because the quality of the OOF areas (bokeh) was extremely harsh. I do agree that if you shoot at f11 or smaller apertures, there is likely little difference.

Therefore, I recommend the OP exchange his copy of the 35mm and retest.

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