Does M4/3 or DSLR produce higher quality photo's

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Re: OMD viewfinder better than optical for low light?

Ulric wrote:

Mahmoud Mousef wrote:

1) in low light the viewfinder lags.

2) in very low light, the viewfinder gets noisy

3) in very low light the low light levels get lost in a sea of black; it's unable to resolve any info from very low light situations. All I see is black. Under the EXACT same conditions, my Nikons with optical viewfinder (and my E-520) both show me all the fine details, enough to actually focus manually and get the shot.

4) electronic viewfinders I've tried amplify terribly. Taking a shot of the moon at night with an electronic viewfinder, for example, amplifies the moon so much that it looks like a sun with no surface detail. Adjusting exposure only helps a little in making out detail, and what detail there is, there is much less of. With an optical viewfinder, the details is all there, there is no need to fiddle and the shot is obtained SO MUCH easier; focus is extremely easy to get and no "sun-like glowing ball syndrome". Amplifying low-light scenes indoors also results in a lot of unwanted noise and loss of detail.

I agree with this. I've used cameras with OVF since the 70s and the E-M5, which is considered to have a good EVF, since last year and the EVF is superior in every way except in very low light.

The E-M5 EVF is better than any OVF on a DSLR i have used. But the OVFs on my film SLRs were generally better with microprism or "sliced picture" (or whatever it's called, you'd know what I mean I guess, sorry for my bad English knowledge) as focusing help. But all EVFs are not good. I once had a KM A200 which was a nice camera in many respects, but the EVF had very bad resolution which made it useless for manual focusing.

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