Camera buying help: Prosumer vs SLR

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Re: P.S. Just say no to DSLR

archsom wrote:

Thanks Cainn,

But a few niggling issues...
1) Why did the FZ images appear noisy all the time?

I don't know.  All I can tell you is that unless you were shooting at a very high ISO on the FZ200, there's no way you could even see the regular sort of noise generated by a small sensor on such a tiny LCD screen.

To take a stab in the dark, though, maybe the camera was just set up in a wholly inappropriate manner for the in-store shooting conditions.

2) Was it because of a slow SD Card, or is the buffer flushing time during burst shooting really an issue? What SD cards are ideal for the FZ?

It's generally only an issue for me if I'm shooting in jpeg+raw, and even then only when I'm bursting more than usual.  But everyone is different in this regard, and you're not the first to complain about buffer flush lag on the FZ200.  I'm not sure if an uber fast SD card makes much difference (I use Sandisk Ultra, but they certainly aren't the fastest).

3) During testing, why did the FZ take longer to lock focus (than Sx50), even in iA mode?

Are you sure the focus mode switch on the side of the lens wasn't set to macro?

Can't advise on anything to do with iA mode though, as I never use it.

4) Why is the colour rendition not as per actual? Can the settings be set so that the actual colours are reproduced?

You can tweak white balance and color profiles quite a lot, and many people do just that.  You can certainly get "canon colors" on an FZ200 with a bit of tweaking if that's what you really want.  At least that's what people who have wanted to do so (and apparently have) have said.  I don't think the tweaks override iA defaults though, so if you think you're gonna be in one of those modes all the time, maybe this is a big issue.

Just to reiterate an important point here, my own enthusiasm for the FZ200 is obviously a subjective affair.  Like you I labored over the choices, but in the end it was ultimately about the lens.  Did I want a slow 1200mm (35mm equivalent) or a fast 600mm?  Every other pro/con seemed manageable.  Didn't care about "canon colors", didn't care about minor IQ differences that are only obvious when viewing images beyond reasonable display sizes, didn't really even care that much about the price difference.  But that's just me.

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