Metabones Speed Booster for Pentax K lenses?

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Ari Aikomus
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No, NO and no! yes, yes, YES!

ET2 wrote:

KentG wrote:

You are missing the entire point of the adapter. There are less Pentax users on the planet than Canon and Nikon by a large margin.

Besides, the  Nikon version should be able to use Pentax lenses anyway with K mount to F mount adapter..

You both are missing the point.

ET2...This Pentax-Nikon adapter use correction glass. Not a good thing - at all, especially with speedbooster!

KentG...metabones already planning Canon FD and Minolta MD lens support - both are dead systems! Pentax k system is still alive!

You said that "high overall quality" of Alpa, Contarex, C/Y, Leica R lenses would be some kind of reason why they offer speedbooster for these lenses over Pentax K... I say no

Pentax K is still alive mount, Pentax has some very HQ fullframe lenses and Pentax does not have its own FF DSLR - I would say that there were the three big YES why Metabones should produce speedbooster for Pentax K lenses.


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