Converging verticals - do you correct partially ..... or fully?

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Re: Converging verticals - do you correct partially ..... or fully?

Tom Axford wrote:

WIMorrison wrote:

Tom Axford wrote:

Zone8 wrote:

It is worth remembering that most do the correction in such as PhotoShop but forget to then resize the image to correct for the stretching vertically.

I don't understand this comment - what vertical stretching are you referring to?

When you correct the verticals by stretching the image horizontaly then you need to stretch the vertical a tad otherwise the image will look squat and fat.

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It sounds as if you use a more primitive method of software correction if you have to separately stretch in the horizontal and vertical directions.

I generally correct in Silkypix while processing raw images. There is a slider for vertical perspective correction - it gives the correct transformation (which involves progressive stretching both horizontally and vertically: exactly what is required to correct for the camera pointing above or below the horizon).

No further vertical stretching (or compression) is needed.


If you use perspective correction in ACR then it works exactly the same as your program (I downloaded it to take a look), however if you do the correction within Photoshop you can end up with the image looking short and fat - like any manipulation you need to be aware of what you are doing

If you keep the camera level (side to side, and back to front) when taking the picture you will not get convergence but that may not always be feasible.

I find that leaving a small amount of convergence looks better, it is what the eye expects - if it to rectilinear then the building looks like it is top heavy and about to fall over!

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