Panasonic GH3 review published

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A good review with sligghtly dissapointing outcome

Very thorough, nice to have Andrew do the video test.

I think, even though the endresult is a Gold Award, to most there will be two and may be more points that really witholds them from buying this cam:

1) The EVF now has a confirmation of being a break point. Glasses are one problem, the dfferent in colours are aanother (and a big let down to me). The huge advantage of an EVF in this perspective is lost (WYSWYG).

2) Still IQ, all together, seems behind OMD. It is a personal thing though.

3) The size if stills is your main thing.

4) It is stateof the art in video, soso stills (compared to similar priced cams). Still quality is good, but 9 months too late in my view. Now it has to deal with D7100 etc and there is a clear difference and it is now on par with the OMD that is now a year here...

What I don't think is a valid point in this review is the comparison with the Blackmagic cam. AFAIK we only now how well it does on paper, we only know a price and we also know that it will take 3 months before it will become available. In my view, the comparison has no place in this review.

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