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indeed, because Butler wears glasses... the issue is his eyesight, for people w/ 20/20 there is no problem.

PS: here is a shot of what people w/ normal eyesight see in GH3 viewfinder - a raw file = ... you are welcome to produce one that that shows the effect described and we can then check what was the angle and distanc from eye to viewfinder.

Here we go with the raw file theory again which makes no sense.

actually it does because the focal of the lens used is close to the normal eyesight and note - I actually produce something besides hearsay and JPG files that clearly showed that shot was taken at a significant distance from EVF

You're in complete denial... the review clearly states that the problem was noticeable and then made worse by wearing glasses.

again - reviewer has issues w/ his eyesight, so no wonder that he has issues w/ viewfinder w/o his glasses... if you want to state that GH3 viewfinder was not created for people w/ such issues then I have nothing to say really, but for people w/ normal eyesight there are no issues at all (see the raw file which shows what 20/20 eyesight sees).

Have a look at this statistic of the proportion of people needing correcting glasses :

75% of the Americans need some form of correcting lenses and 65% uses glasses. Of course, not all will wear their glasses to look in the VF. Still a pretty high group will need glasses to use a camera. So yes it is a disability, but a light and frequent one, which needs consideration from cameras manufacturers and reviewers, no need to be contemptuous toward them.

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