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Re: Hope this thread hits 150 soon.....

Hank3152 wrote:

.....so it disappears

Why is everyone patronizing this guy? Give it up and let it go.........I've read enough.......he's obviously a Sony fanatic who's locked on a brand regardless of what sense anybody displays........and he'll post the same list of features for the 14th time...........

Yes, I agree. I've tried reasoning with him but he just picks apart what I say point-by-point and argues with each and every sentence. He's got a massive chip on his shoulder. And a persecution complex.

I give up. It's hopeless. I'm going to get myself a Sony A57. It's got a list of fabulous features. I'm just going to have to learn to love them. I have to. It's the best camera of all time. Resistance is futile.  How could I be so blind. I'm going to love my A57. I'm going to tell everybody how wonderful it is. I'm going to get on a boat and go to the remotest part of the Congo and convert everybody to the A57. I will go and find the burning bush and come down from the mountain with a tablet inscribed with the unique features of A57. It's a gift from God.

It's not just a camera. It's a way of life. You will love it!

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