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features or fluff?

Mike, you need to take a deep breath and lie down.  Leave the forum for a day and get a sense of perspective... Apart from your repeated and hysterical rudeness, you keep harping on about this list of features like it's a holy grail.  Most of what you list below I would regard as an irrelevance (to me), a pointless gimmick, or easily available on other cameras.  For example:  I use a humble Pentax K-01... which cost about half of a Sony A57.

  • 10 fps burst rate, no compromises
  • 12 fps burst rate, cropped
  • Faster AF
  • 1080/60p/30p/24p video
  • Fast continuous AF during video
  • Stereo Mic
  • HDR
  • In camera panoramas stitching
  • Access to AF lenses from 80s (Minolta mostly)
  • Live view always available with no compromises
  • Excellent low light abilities
  • Camera body based stabilization
  • Focus peaking
  • Kelvin WB Adjustment
  • Lens Correction for CAs, Distortion, Vignetting
  • 15 Point AF
  • Wireles Flash Commander
  • High Speed Flash Snyc
  • 100%/1.04x EVF

Burst rate?  Totally irrelevant to me.  I don't 'spray and pray' and don't shoot sports.

Faster AF? - no doubt - but for landscapes / portraits / architecture they usually sit still.  Give me accurate over fast any day.

Video - completely not interested.

HDR - a gimmick.  if you want to do it properly put the camera on a tripod and shoot a series of RAW files at different exposures and do the HDR properly afterwards.

Panorama stitching - another gimmick to impress the credulous.  iPhones do that.  if you want to do it properly, again you need a tripod, take several overlapping stills, and splice later.

I have access to Pentax lenses going back who knows how far.  They are MF but with focus peaking that's fine and they are cheap and optically excellent in many cases.

Live view always available - check!

Excellent low light capabilities - check!

In-body stabilisation, focus peaking - check!

Custom WB... does any half decent camera NOT have that?!

Wireless flash etc... I prefer available light so I don't care.

100% EVF - I find that I prefer to use the screen (I wear rather bulky spectacles which interfere with an OVF / EVF) so wouldn't use an EVF if I had one.

The point is... you keep reciting this cut-and-paste list of features like a talisman to prove desperately that your choice of camera is better than everyone else's needs.  It's like saying (over and over again) 'hey, my car is better than yours cos it's a got a 10-CD autochanger, a spoiler, and a leather-trimmed steering wheel, so there!'  If you are happy with your choice, whoopee, well done.  But your choice is not for me, thanks.

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