FZ200 at the Farm Shop - 4 pics - and settings (Oh no, not settings . . . )

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Re: FZ200 at the Farm Shop - 4 pics - and settings (Oh no, not settings . . . )

kkardster wrote:

Nice photos Mike!  Have you given up making Vivid make you Happy?

I've caught a couple critters but with Vivid - might have to go back to Standard:And/or would I do better with NR -2? . . . . .

Sorry Bruce, I was distracted by Sir Latex . . . . 

Vivid is still my choice in shadow or in drab light or with drab colours.  With bright contrasty things I've got more used to Standard, but Vivid is still fine, it's not Disneyesque.

It can whiten whites and improve surface detail, I think.

I note in this thread that Rodger is using Vivid, iRes On, Sh +1, Nr -1 for his birding, and Vivid may have the edge for feather detail, I must try Vivid for this kind of thing.

I've just done some more pixel peeping, despite having been sworn into the Pixel Peepers Anonymous Therapy Group (it's harder to kick than nicotine) and, if only at 59mm EFL in my "studio", I've tried every combination of Sh and Nr from -2 to +2.

I can see more sharpness at -1 Sh, -2 Nr than at -2 Sh, -2 Nr, but above that any increase in Sharpness is much less convincing.  That's why I say that this camera is as Queer As A Clockwork Orange - Sharpness seems to be muted over -1 Sh.  And I am not really convinced by Nr higher than -2 because I am not obsessive about a bit of "grain" in shadows, and anyway, at -1 Sh and -2 Nr, I quite like the overall look.  Less of a battle going on down there.

All this just with my eyes and my camera of course.

In my latest tests at 100 ISO, f4.5 and 59mm EFL,  at all combinations of Sh and Nr, "iRes On" is convincingly sharper, and I cannot prove my previous suspicions that iRes wipes away surface detail - iRes On gave me better surface detail.

Being a bit of a cynical *******, I am wondering whether the lens, at least at this relatively wide angle of 59mm EFL, is not really quite what Panasonic were aiming for, so for P, A, S, M modes they installed the highest setting of iResolution (3 in the EXIF) to try to help it along a bit.

But in these tripod tests I was using 0.33 sec shutter speed, because of my low energy lighting, so I don't know whether slow shutter speed worsens sharpness.  Exposure was good and I did all the precautions:  IS off,, zoom resume, 10 sec timer, hands off, and all that.

Again I can't prove it, but I think I've had a few times along the way (not in these tests) when AF did not quite get it right, or, at close distance, gave me green without Macro when it actually needed Macro.

Lord, an' I wish I was a simple boy again . . . . (though Joan Baez said "single") . . .


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