1 electron = 1 photon?

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Re: QE: 1 photon above the CFA -> ~0.15 electrons?

Bernard Delley wrote:

The quantum efficiency calculations in this earlier post my be of interest


summary in practice, a photon near mid green coming in at the front of the AA/Bayer/sensor stack will be converted to an electron with a probability of up to about 0.6 depending on the camera. (a fraction of the photons is absorbed in the Bayer colors)

Very good, Bernard.  I get slightly different numbers for the D7000 in part because I assume a blackbody radiator around 5000k as the light source, as opposed to your choice of a green laser

On the other hand I get substantially different numbers for FWC (I think Sensorgen's at ISO 100 are inconsistent for the D7k):

The D7k's Effective QE as described earlier appears to be around 13.2%.  Compare this to newer DSLR's like the D4's 15.9% above, the D800e's about 15.5% or the D7100's around 15.3%.  I think this Effective measure of QE has mainly relative, as opposed to absolute, value.  But it's probably more representative than the normally quoted number for light at the peak of the green filter's passband (around 50%).


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