Camera buying help: Prosumer vs SLR

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Re: P.S. Just say no to DSLR

archsom wrote:

Also, the salesman said that I would be able to shoot clear images without blur or hand shake at full zoom in both cameras, but specially on the SX50 since it has built in VR / IS.

Without qualifications, that is an absurd statement.  Really absurd.

First of all, getting crisp results at the tele end of a superzoom is always a challenge.  Even a comparatively fast lens, or really really really good IS isn't going to do all the work for you.  The only time it will ever be easy is in ideal conditions and the reality is that conditions tend not to be ideal most of the time (unless of course you only ever shoot static subjects basking in an excess of light).

Second, no matter how good the IS is on the Canon, it will not compete with the faster lens (and still excellent IS -- really, is SX50 IS better? Who says?) of the Panasonic at equivalent focal lengths, unless there is so much light that it can still choose a fast enough shutter speed at base ISO to freeze the subject in spite of it's horribly slow lens.  In every other circumstance it loses it's small IQ advantage because it has to choose a higher ISO.

This is just my opinion, but I think the only reason to choose the SX50 over the FZ200 is if you need the extra zoom (and are willing to deal with the significant limitations inherent in it's provision) and/or if you believe that the small IQ advantage at base ISO cancels out the significant IQ disadvantage of having to use a higher ISO more often.

Honestly, if lighting conditions were always going to be ideal, or if I was always willing to wait until they were, I'd probably go with the Canon myself.  But after embracing the benefits of it's faster lens, I don't know how I could live without the FZ200 and still enjoy a superzoom anywhere near as much.

On a final note, you can't judge IQ by reviewing photos on a tiny LCD.  You just can't.

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