Before I take the plunge and purchase a Nikon D800e. Any thoughts on the rumored

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Re: Before I take the plunge and purchase a Nikon D800e. Any thoughts on the rumored

I have, use and love the D800, but, as a dilettante photographer infatuated by the ambition of generating the best possible pictures my skills, my wallet  and my system can afford, I regret not having stretched to the 800E.

At the pixel level, the anti-aliasing filter unavoidably creates a sense of "fuziness". Not visible when looking at the whole picture, even at giant print sizes from normal viewing distances, but detectable at 100pct pixel peeping, assuming focus is perfect and no movement blur. Just knowing that annoys me.

i have purchased the Coolpix A, and, at 100pct magnification, the IQ is so impressive. Much more impressive than the output of NEX 7 at same 100% visualisation for example. On par with Leica M8 and best M lenses at low ISO, viewed at 100%. I correlate that to the lack of AA filter.

i assume same would be true for D800E output, at pixel level.

i do not think this has any impact at all on final prints (assuming one actually prints), whatever the print size, and PP plays an "equalizer" role anyway, but just knowing that there is a difference buried far into the picture is enough to bother me.

i agree with the analogy a bit higher in the thread: having produced a great picture using a good lens, I'll always wonder if it would not have been marginally greater yet had I used an excellent lens. Does not matter at all in the real world or to the public, but often matters to the photographer....

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