The (in)significance of resolution

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Post your findings in the Nikon D800 Forum

So there you go. Unless you are printing much larger than a 13" wide desktop printer or cropping like crazy, a 10MP class camera (4.6MP) is every bit at good detail wise as a D800/Merrill.

If you're a typical amateur photographer casting envious eyes at the uberCams, but feeling a bit short of the ready cash, don't worry, your 5 year old camera will get the job done just as well.

You can thank me for the money I've saved you with a small donation


You went to unnecessary length to preach us something that's blatantly obvious (at least to most members here). And your rationality matters ZERO, too.

From the "Need" point of view, you are absolutely right. But by the same token, D800 should be your #1 white elephant. Did you post this in Nikon FF forum?

From the "Want" point of view, Nikon and Sigma are right in developing the highest resolution cameras in FF and APS-C form factors respectively. There's a market there, FULL STOP.

From my point of view, the pixel redundancy of Merrill cameras gives me comfort and confidence in the back of my mind that I'll have it for the rare occasions when I really need the extra resolution. So it's well worth the money it demands.

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