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Re: Panasonic GH3 review published

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Anders W wrote:

exdeejjjaaaa wrote:

tgutgu wrote:

Thanks for the good review. You have confirmed my concerns about the view finder, which is indeed disappointing for a flagship camera.

it does not confirm you allegations... it just says that visually impaired people like you (those who need to wear glasses ) do not see all the image sharp - "you'll rarely see the whole screen as sharp if you wear glasses"... you were alleging that everybody doesn't... just compare what is written in review w/ your previous musings.

So here is what is actually written in the review for comparison with what you say is written (and not):

However, we found the viewfinder optics to be disappointing - it's difficult to ever see the whole panel

indeed, because Butler wears glasses... the issue is his eyesight, for people w/ 20/20 there is no problem.

PS: here is a shot of what people w/ normal eyesight see in GH3 viewfinder - a raw file = ... you are welcome to produce one that that shows the effect described and we can then check what was the angle and distanc from eye to viewfinder.

You don't get it. So far, there is no problem with any other EVF except the one build into the GH3. I used EVFs form three Panasonic m4/3 cameras - far better no issues. The problem is not the people's eye sight, it is the design of the finder optics. A camera manufacturer should design a finder so that the vast majority of users won't have a problem with it. The GH3 is the only camera, which shows problems, the sight through the E-M5 finder is nearly perfect, the one of the A99 excellent. The latter should have been the aim for Panasonic.

The problem is not only the edge sharpness but also the less detailed view, something rarely reported. Just compare directly with the E-M5.

You claim that every user, which has problems with the GH3 finder, as eye sight problems (unbearable for the finder). You put the burden of proper engineering to the user. Yes, I wear glasses for reading since one year, but my eyes do not have unusual deficiencies for my age. If it would be a problem with my eye sight, most EVFs should not work for me, but the GH3 finder is the only one. Strange, isn't it? Certainly my fault, I know.

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