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Re: Takes a licking and keeps on ticking

Mike, if a person posts a "What camera should I buy?" post, then it's time to say "What about a Sony?"

A person announced he wanted to enter the digital slr world. I thought to throw in the Sony as an option. Very appropriate.

Not a list of features straight off the glossy brochure but some real-life reasons why you particularly like about your Sony and how it's contributed to your development as a photographer.

The Sony has contributed to being able to shoot decent video that I would otherwise not have been able to. I have been able to exploit the high burst rate to capture more shots in difficult situations providing a higher number of successful shots.

What features you've found you've used and you've found useful.

All of them. Just an overall stronger more feature rich tool. Allowing options I would otherwise not have.

You've brought up a few points in your discussions… no mirror slap. Faster fps. You get an EVF while you also keep the faster-focusing phase detection with Sony's SLT technology.

Good things, that others have danced around, avoiding.

And this means… in real world shooting… in your experience… what?

Better results.

You want to argue the technical merits of your list of features with me. I didn't say my iPhone 5 was better than your Sony.

I guess that was you. You gave the impression that the Sony's panorama feature is stupid, because your silly iPhone does it too. It's all part of the ongoing downplaying and ridiculing attempts.

I said it had that in-camera panorama stitching feature and it was dinky. What I was getting at is some of these features might not impress some people.

And they ARE impressive and they ARE good to have. 12 fps is nice to have!

There's no point singing the praises of the video frame rates if I'm not interested in video.

But it isn't about you. Others DO care about good video.

The point of helping people is finding out what they need and what they want.

I can't quizz everyone. I say to a new comer, pick the Sony. Because you get everything the next camera offers, plus you get more, and you pay less. What's there not to like?

They don't want a sales pitch. And people have pointed out to you that the fps is good but the focus tracking isn't up to scratch.

Where did that come from? Focus tracking not up to scratch? That's news to me! I'm not seeing anything indicating focus tracking being bad! Where did this come from?

No point having 10fps if most of them aren't in focus!

But most of them ARE in focus! Seriously, where do get this crap from anyway? Most of them are not in focus? Good grief. Fantasy land galore here! YES most of them are in focus! Very much so! I've used it, and it works perfectly well. "most of them not in focus".... fairy tales.... beliefs. Nonsense.

They're saying don't look at the raw on-paper specs.

Who is "they" ? You "buddies" in Canikon forums?

How good is the focus tracking and how good is the buffer?

As much as you want to find something wrong with it, there is nothing wrong with it.

And that's not attacking your camera or you.

Yes you are. You're desperately seeking weaknesses to make yourself feel better. It isn't working.

If you're into sports photography, this camera might not be a good choice.

Except, it IS a good choice for sports photography.

And you should listen to this stuff. You might learn something.

Listen to what? People like you desperate making up crap?

Have you tried any action shots?

Do you have kids running around? Mine move a lot!

You've come along here totally sold on your camera.

Because it's good, and I want others to enjoy it too.

And you want to proselytise it at any opportunity.

You and your friends want to put it down at any opportunity.

You want to destroy the Canikon hegemony.

You want to put the Sony brand where you think it belongs. Well, you're wrong. Sony is here, and it's here to stay. It's no less of a player than a Nikon or Canon.

And everybody groans… here comes the Sony fanboy.

I like my Sony, and? You like your Nikon, or is it Canon?

Doesn't matter what the OP says, he's going to pimp his Sony. There's nothing wrong with pointing out the advantages and unique features of your Sony

But you guys ARE treating me as if it's wrong pointing out its advantages.

but when people point out the shortcomings, don't over-react.

What shortcomings? It's all been clutching at straws so far.

Especially when you have no actual experience with some of the features.

Arrogant, just like the others. Assuming I know less. Putting me down to lift yourself up. It's a common trait here.

Because what this forum is about is not arguing which camera is best

You guys have been attacking at every possible turn in every which way possible. Yes, you're very must trying to argue which camera is best. You're arguing that the Sony is not so good, so that your camera starts to look better.

but giving folks good advice based on personal experience.

My advice was fine. Many features allowing you to do things you can't otherwise.

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