would like to Consolidate my lenses

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sean kendrick wrote:

Hmm i might consider the Sigma, I have just read alot of horror storries about 3rd party lenses... mainly the Tamrons.  nothing really about the Sigma.

Insert the letter "t" into "Sigma" and that pretty much sums up a lot of people's feelings about their old lenses. But that's mostly in the past, with newer lenses, the Nikon's are almost unfailing very good in terms of quality, and the third party lenses are merely good.

Is there a difference between my current 18-135mm f3.5-5.6  and the alternatively suggested 16-85mm f3.5-5.6vr other than the VR.  I got the same suggestion in another reply to my post... but as my knowledge of lenses is limited, my thought would be that the 18-135 i already have would be a better lens over the 16-85.

The 16-85 is designed to a bet a step up from the kit lenses. Better contrast and sharpness overall. The 18-135 is almost too sharp for it's own good... it had to make compromises in other areas like distortion and chromatic aberration in order to keep it's price point. Also, going from a non-VR lens to a VR lens is no small thing, your shooting experience becomes far more carefree. Same is sort of true about going from kit non-VR to f/2.8 zooms, except that the extra aperture might not always be what you want. Each has it strengths and weaknesses.

the salesman mentioned that the older tamron and Sigma lens (especially tamron) had issues, but the newer ones are much better and very acceptable especially for someone just shooting family vacations and sports maybe am occasional wedding or special family event.

I don't think I've used the vr on my lenses, it's sad to say. I'm going to give it a try.

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