Metabones Speed Booster for Pentax K lenses?

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Re: Speedbooster works well.

BobORama wrote:

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BobORama wrote:

WHY would you want to use a product that reduces contrast and increases CA, when Instagram is free?

Actually it works surprisingly well:

at least 28-135mm range, it is designed for shorter than 200mm FF lenses.

When shooting video, with its astonishing 2MP stills, most of the optical gack introduced by the Metabones FR is concealed.   For video work, it may be passible.

The example stills from DRP's review show significant CA, some edge softness, some loss of contrast.   And of course any increase in real aperture will come with a decrease in contrast.   Look at the DPR stills.   Its pretty telling.

You are mocking an adapter designed by one of the best optical designers in the world "Brian Caldwell", pretty much because you don't seem understand the concept and why adding glass can actually improve image quality. Brian Caldwell was the designer of this lens too...

Here is a very thorough review

It clearly shows resolution increase with use of the adapter, in the center and average and the only drop is in the corners however such a drop is typical if you're using the whole image circle instead of the center portion.

As with any adapter (teleconverter or the speed booster) the overall quality depends on the combination of the parent lens and adapter, the best of both worlds might not give you the best overall result.

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