Panasonic GH3 review published

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Re: Panasonic GH3 review published

James Benet wrote:

Great review, I like that you added the EOS HD video component.  Nothing like adding an opinion on video that is informed and from someone who uses the gear for motion imaging.

I still think the GH3 by having more moire & Aliasing is a step backwards from the GH2 when it comes to video quality. Sure it has less noise and a little bit more DR but since aliasing is a big deal I just cant rely on it as a rock solid image.

I was a bit on the fence at first but after more time with the camera I've concluded that the GH3 is a good step up from the GH2 in terms of video performance.  To me the improvement in dynamic range and high ISO more than offsets the somewhat greater moire.  The close-to-two-stop DR gain is huge when dealing with 8 bit files.

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