Why Win8 will succeed. Or fail.

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Re: "Pie in the Sky Drive" out here...

stuartp56 wrote:

Agree with the previous post. I have a brand new high speed laptop for processing photographs. I need Photoshop, a spreadsheet and Word or Word Perfect. All of my software MUST work without internet access. I'm home once per month or less during seven months of every year. Most areas where I work do not have a data signal and many do not have cell. Forget that "subscription model" because that won't be happening.

Nobody is talking about "always on DRM" like we've been getting with newer video games.  A subscription isn't my cup of tea, but I can certainly see the advantage for some others.

In the USA mountain west The Cloud or Sky Drive should be called "Pie-in-the-Sky" because it's not up to the challenge. If MS wants to force the Cloud concept they need to make it universally available.

Skydrive works perfectly for me.  It syncs across the cloud, all of my files are available locally even when off line, and are available in the cloud when I'm away from home.

My machine has Win-8 but it doesn't call that tiled first screen "Metro" it refers to it as the "Windows Experience" so maybe they changed it already.  I click thru it to the Desktop. It do think it's tedious to find the shut down option. I operate on battery and a generator so my machine is on only when in use.

It hasn't been officially called "Metro" since before the release of Windows 8.  Microsoft got sued over the use of the name and never really came up with an official new one.

I don't see how the shut-down option is any more or less tedious in the past.

Windows 7: Move mouse to lower left corner of the screen > CLICK the Start Menu > Move mouse to shutdown options > CLICK to shut down OR CLICK drop down menu > CLICK for Restart or Sleep (2 mouse motions, 2-3 clicks)

Windows 8: Move mouse to lower right corner of the screen > Move mouse to Settings charm > CLICK Settings charm > Move mouse to power icon > CLICK power icon > CLICK for Shutdown, Restart, or Sleep  (3 mouse motions, 3 clicks)

Is it really that much more difficult?

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