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bugzie wrote:

Sorry Craig, but you do not need a kick-ass 500mm lens to take a lovely photograph of your grandchild. You can take lovely photographs of your grandchildren with a bog-standard kit lens. The most important ingredient is put some heart in your photography. I'm not saying the photographs of grandchildren are rubbish. They're great. And you obviously love them and have a rapport with them. That's what really counts.

Bugzie, I'm not sure if you read what accompanied that shot at 500mm. I said I was having fun and 500 was overkill. You don't need it for that much compression, obviously. And certainly a kit lens can take portraits. That shot was one off.

But, other lenses create some different looks with regards to portraits. I've found outside beach and park type scenes as backgrounds can really benefit from using long glass for portraiture. I'm not alone either. There are a lot of other commercial portrait photographers going for 150-300mm glass for portraits. Nikon and Canon's 200 f/2 are superb. Both their 300 f/2.8s are becoming rather common for this purpose. A friend of mine just did an entire Panama Jack gig mostly using a 400 f/2.8 on the women models. It can be very flattering.

Using long glass can be a little harder, as I mentioned, because of the need to direct lighting changes. It can take some walking back and forth to communicate the need to change a screen or flag location. Moving a reflector or light can require closer communication with the lighting people, but it can be quite worth while.

Understand though, long glass portraiture is specialized and good for a particular look. As I menitioned, my goto glass at work is my 85 f/1.4G as well as an old 105 f/2.5 AI I've had since new.

Take care.

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Cheers, Craig
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