Any reason to shoot film nowadays?

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Piginho wrote:

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Mahmoud Mousef wrote:

* Taking out a roll after you've done a few shots? How practical is this to capture precious moments without fiddling with the camera? Kids running around. Animals. What do you shoot?

I'm not sure what Mahmoud is on about here.  If he's on about changing ISO, any film user would know that you can push or pull film and would know what latitude each film would have.

I'm talking about running out of film, missing the shot, and having to re-load film. Constantly. It's routine for me to take hundreds or thousands of photos in an outing or an important event or even when experimenting. I'd miss many, many shots or simply be wasting so much time changing film. Let alone processing it and waiting for results.

Also, many SLRs had the facility to remove a film mid roll, remembering which frame you had reached, allowing a change of film type and later to return to the original, winding on to the right frame to resume shooting with the original film.

Inconvenient time-wasting primitive rubbish, to but it bluntly. All in my opinion of course.

I believe that my Dynax9 and Contax N1s can both do this, though I have to say that I've never felt the need to try it, as I use the right film for what I want to achieve in the first place, based on many years of experience.

Yes, many years of experience is great. Too bad the market wants convenience and has voted with their wallets.

* Not being able to see how things turned out after the shot; after setting up lighting, or checking if a shot is blurred with a long telephoto or low light or high speed? How practical is this with film?

Mira's answered this beautifully.  Film is not for the lazy.

Walking up to my TV to change channels is the in thing. I enjoy a walk. I'd rather be sending this message in a letter, because typing is for the lazy too, and so is broadband; what's wrong with 33.6k modems? See where this is going?

Seeing how things turn out immediately, is a nice to have, but by no means essential to the experienced photographer who is confident about his technique.

I don't know any photographer that doesn't benefit from it. There is no way you can adjust ISO on the fly, from 100 to the thousands, be in a rush and take a shot and mentally calculate all the variables of a scene especially if the light is changing, unless you are some genius. In controlled situations you can have some sort of experience to guide you, sure.

Yes, things can go wrong, but this is very rare if you know what you are doing.

If you know what you are doing...

If you are not doing all your own post capture work (processing/developing), then part of the process is only using other people that you trust and again, little can go wrong.

Yeah, what could go wrong. We are professionals...

In another post Mira specifically mentioned to me where she got her film processed. Basically more "what I do is great" elitist talk from Mira, indirectly advertising her services and fine film life

I'm surprised that Mahmoud feels so strongly if, as he said, he shot film for many years.  Maybe he never got it!

No I never got it

And thank goodness I don't have to

Three cheers for progress.

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