Does M4/3 or DSLR produce higher quality photo's

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Re: Better photographers produce....

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I've done a lot of research concerning Micro 4/3.  I thought of getting the Panasonic GH3, but am not satisfied with the quality of photo against say the new Nikon d7100.  So does a DSLR produce better quality photo's, or have I not seen good photo's from a Micro 4/3?  I really like the Micro 4/3, but my main interest is in the quality of the photo.  Thanks for your help!

higher quality photo's.

At this level of equipment, the IQ difference between a 4/3 sensor and an APS sensor is inconsequential.

Look at some of the photo threads in this Forum.

That knowlege of and the effort expounded by the photographer are far more important.


Agree with Tedoph;
you cannot " buy " a camera that will see a good shot; or produce one in Post processing

That's all up to the Photographer, the knowledge of how the camera operates, knowledge of basic photography  and the effort s/he puts into all of it.

I think Ansel Adams used to trudge around Yosemite in the winter with a heavy view camera , tripod and a few photographic plates; and doubtless didn't get the shot !.
That you can't buy.

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