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Some really great advice so far. One thing that many people do not think about is future compatibility. Many back-up programs use their own compression algorithms, to save drive space. If the company goes out of business or when new operating systems are introduced, there is no guarantee that your backup software or the back-up files will be readable. That is why I use Microsoft 'Synchtoy' for backing up my image files. This program was written specifically for photographers & is free. It uses no compression, so your back-up files are identical to the originals. Of course, this means that your back-ups will require more drive space than compressed back-ups, but HDs are getting cheaper ...

Details & download are available here:

As with all back-up programs, select your type of back-up carefully as in some modes files deleted from one of the drives, will also be deleted from the other. I use 'Contribute', to avoid this.

Hope this helps.


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