Problems with LR 5 Beta

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Re: Problems with LR 5 Beta

Abrak wrote:

Probable Solution:

1. Go to the "Preferences" folder (Win: C:\Users\Name\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom\Preferences)

2. Delete "Lightroom 5 Preferences.agprefs" should it be there

3. Rename the "Preferences" folder to "PreferencesXY" or the like

4. Start LR5 - it should now start and create a new LR5 catalog

5. Stop LR5 again

6. Move your old LR1...4 preferences files from "PreferencesXY" folder to the newly created "Preferences" (so that LR1...4 retain their preferences)

7. Delete the "PreferencesXY" folder

8. Start LR5 again. Because it now only reads from its own prefs, it starts OK.

Thanks, that works

But same thing happen (as my OP) when I create an other new catalog

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