gold or rare cameras?

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BSweeney wrote:

It's a beauty!

I've been mostly collecting Sonnar lenses of late, and lenses that were not designed with the aid of a computer... I told that to an optical engineer that has since retired and his answer... "Brian, computers really did make it easier for us". My "Pride of the pack" is a 1936 Carl Zeiss Jena 5cm F1.5 Sonnar, all surfaces coated. It had never been opened, cleaned up beautifully. I did not realize the inner surfaces were coated until disassembling it- covered with haze. That's the fun of collecting, finding the pony in the bucket.


yub and it will get worse in the future with more stuff in the air. It is though a terrific lens I loved mine I had brifly very sharp in the middle.

John aka bosjohn

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