How low is too low?

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How low is too low?

Few jobs pay more than $25-30 an hour. According the BLS its' in teh $16-22 range (median or mean, take your pick)

Photographers don't do that well, with a median wage of $13.70 an hour (~$27k a year) is $900 to shoot a wedding really too little?  Figure 12 hours of work - we're not talking high end here, if folks want to pay less they'll get less somewhere - so shoot, basic corrections/cull and burn for delivery.
If the 'median wage' is $14/hour the job is 'worth' about $175.

Sure, you won't earn an annual salary of $27k unless you shoot 2000 hours worth of work - but isn't that what most people have to do, actually work 2000 hours to earn 2000 hours pay?

yes, you may feel YOU are worth more - but you are only worth what the market will pay.

So, can you be profitable at $75/hour? Yes. The problem lies in you need enough hours of work to break even - to cover your overhead (gear, insurance, computer, advertising, etc)

So if priced properly will volume increase - folks will 'come back' to the pro?

You spend 1/2 hour shooting little johnny, 1/2 hour booking/etc and an hour ediiting. $150 and turn over all you shot on disk.

If you book 1000 hours of work - only 50% of your available time - you should gross $75,000. If you have low overhead that should easily provide you with $30k in personal income.

The other 1000 hours is spent on marketing, accounting, improving skills, etc - or having a second part time job of some kind perhaps.

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