D800e Red Oversaturation

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Re: D800e Red Oversaturation

j_photo wrote:

Isn't the solution to expose the image properly, so as not to blow the red channel?

If any channel is blown, then it cannot be really repaired in post processing--data has been lost that cannot be recreated.

It is always better to get the best exposure possible.  But, since it was shot as a RAW, the blown highlights may only be in the developed image - there is probably more data if it is developed properly.

An after-the-fact fix like this involves going back to the RAW processors and using soft proofing capabilities to bring the red channel into the range of the print/paper using a profile created specifically for the printer/paper combination so that detail can be seen in the reds in both the soft proof image and the print.

If it's hopelessly blown in the RAW and a good RAW processor can't recover any detail, then the only answer is to reshoot or live with the best result possible.  Otherwise, back off on the saturation or luminance of the reds to bring them into the range of the printer/paper.

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