Fuji X-S1, HS50EXR & Panasonic FZ200 Comparison

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Re: Fuji X-S1, HS50EXR & Panasonic FZ200 Comparison

Gaijin Tourist wrote:

I struggled mightily between the FZ200 and the X-S1, both, I think, the best of the superzooms for me.  At the time of my purchase (last Fall), the HS50 was not yet released.  I already owned (still do!) an X-10.

Ultimately, the Panasonic was not right for me:  Just didn't feel right in my hands, and there is NO comparison between the EVF's between the two.  It's a great camera, but better for someone else.

The X-S1 suited me for the EVF, the three C memories and two fN buttons, the manual zoom, and the very stout build quality, it's a beast relative to the FZ.  The  great side benefit was it's essentially the X-10 in a DSLR-like body with that huge lens.  Same menus, so for me it's like two of the same bodies with different lenses.  If you've never seen / held one, it's every bit as big as a D7000 Nikon with the bigger kit lenses, that may decide for you right there.

Mine has a very occasional orb once in a great while, and as far as droop, at full extension the front standard wiggles just enough to where I can tell it's actually moving the barest amount, but certainly no 'droop'.  I bought mine new from B+H and I've never found a reason to consider sending it back to Fuji Service in NJ, who did replace my X10 for a new one.  I'd sent it in for no other reason than worrying about trying to sell it later if it had not been 'fixed', and I appreciate highly that Fuji replaced it.

Superzooms are not for everybody.  But there is something definitely fun about having that huge zoom at all times, a great 'all-in-one' package.  My X-S1 kit is the cam, the EF42 flash, spare batts.  That's travelling light ! With any of these three, a good tripod is NOT a bad idea with the long focal lengths available.

They will not outshoot any of the APS/C or m4/3 sensor cameras (just like 6x6 or 6x7 negatives always had the goods vs. 35mm) if they're equipped with the better lenses available.

All three are great cameras in this category, just get what suits you and your style.

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Thanks for sharing JW.  My feelings are similar to yours when it comes to the X-S1.  A real pleasure to use.  The comparison to the D7000 is spot on.  I should post a photo of the X-S1 next to my D7000 for those that don't realize just how large it is (then again there are comparison sites that allow for this).  On the other hand some of things that I find myself drawn to with the FZ200 are the amazing burst speed at full resolution, fast focusing (not in the same league as the HS50EXR ), and it's small size.  I can slip it into my lunch bag, something I couldn't even think of with the X-S1, or HS50EXR for that matter.

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