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Re: Takes a licking and keeps on ticking

Leonard Migliore wrote:

123Mike wrote:

Nonsense! You don't know what I know and what I don't know.

I know you don't know what a tilt-shift lens is. You've demonstrated that here.

I have seen tilt lenses before. I have no owned one. Recently there was a bit on it on Digital Rev (I know I know, silly guy) getting someone to exploit a lensbaby tilt lens. So, I did now know that specifically on Canon a TS lens meant tilt shift. So?

I know you don't know what a good feature set for action photography is.

Enlighten me. May I know, maybe I don't. But what do you accomplish by trying to put me down? Is that what makes you feel good, or you have nothing else to go on?

I know you don't know how to stop beating a dead horse.

I'm literally surrounded by a bunch of arrogant self entitled childish people around here.

I ain't seen but one and it seems to be you.

I pointed out unique features. This was answers by a vicious gang style attack campaign.

But you know what? I was warned about that. The other day I was at a camera store, and brought up the subject of online forums and DPR, and pretty much the whole store laughed. The utter shredding and ripping people apart here is just absurd. Insults flying on every single possible occasion. And where does it happen the most? In specific forums like this, where aggressive people like just can't wait to pounce on others. Trying to make yourself look big by trying to put the other guy down.

From my observations of this thread, you are by far the most aggressive and strident poster, pushing your Sony feature list as a one-size fits all solution for all photographers. No matter how hard you jump up and down, you will fail to convince anyone of your position because of your obvious bias and ignorance.

I'm not going to convince you of anything, because you have already invested in another camera brand, and you won't tolerate having to admit that a feature rich camera makes for a very good choice to a new buyer.

You have been extremely adversarial towards several reasonable and experienced members of this forum who are not given to irrational attacks.

That's hypocrisy. I point out features, which is answered by ganging up, ridiculing, putting down, downplaying, belittling, and all the rest of it. I'm not phased in the slightest bit. I know I'm not actually nasty.

You have responded to their comments with increasingly shrill rationalizations and seem to be inventing a competition between cameras when no such thing exists.

I have been continually insulted.

I am sure that you will continue in this direction because you know no other course of action, even though it is totally unproductive.

I didn't feel like getting a bunch of arrogant self entitled rude insulting individuals walk all over me.

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