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Re: Vocabulary

richarddd wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

richarddd wrote:

GeorgianBay1939 wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

It is quite another thing to not understand, deny to one's own consciousness an appreciation of the extent to which they do not understand, and further denounce the the substance and the purpose of the deeper understanding of others as being in some way either impractical or irrelevant to the subject(s) at hand. Such constitutes navel-gazing of the highest order, as well as a consummate lack of interest in learning through listening, consumed by speaking only.

It took me several attempts to understand the topic sentence of the above paragraph.  You might find the FOG INDEX interesting and this SELF EVALUATIONmight be instructive. 

You might think that someone who puts a lot of energy into insisting, under the banner of clear communication, on the use of preferred definitions of some words would put more energy into communicating clearly.

The consummation of a communicative event requires demonstrable neuronal activity and a corresponding operational cognitive capacity at the receiving end of the system. May I suggest the possibility of enrollment in a remedial reading curriculum in order to further sharpen your vast intellect.

Only if I may suggest the possibility of enrolling in a remedial writing curriculum in order to begin to approach clarity and conciseness.

It was not all that long ago that you were digging your little pincers into me at every opportunity, seeking to somehow mock me. Then you seemed to get the idea that I might on occasion be useful to you as an information source. I willingly spent a fair amount of time and effort trying to drill a few things into your skull, only to find that almost none of it ever sinks in. This has become your hallmark.

Recently, you joked about how easily I was to "wind up" - at which point I realized that with capricious and snarky gratitude like that, I do not need my time wasted. All that I have ever learned from you is how little in the way of information you seem to comprehend, and how frequently you mount some pompous high horse existing in your mind only. Welcome to my ignore-list, Einstein.

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