About to Buy -- What do you think ?

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Re: About to Buy -- What do you think ?

Those are absolutely fabulous shots! I take oodles of photos of my kids as well. I also look at how others manage to make photos interesting, and I'm trying hard to get my mind to wrap around the artistic aspect. I think I'm trying to calculate things too much. An artist just clues into the scene the moment he sees it. Myself, I have to go, "hmmm, I've seen this sort of scene before. If you have this branch sticking out this way, and that thing over there in the corner - connect the dots, make it go from corner to corner..." stuff like that. Here's an example: http://www.julievincentphotography.com/  These guys take amazing photos. You'd think I can go around the house and capture the same quality without cheating....

Anyway. Why the heck all the arguing again. Oh yes, I pointed out features I thought would be good for a new buyer... And why was this wrong again?

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