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Eiffel Tower

sukotin wrote:

Hello, here i am ...

and sorry for late answer.

First i want to thank I BEAM for placing my picture in first place among these great pictures.

That little boy is my son and he was at hospitals window back then. There were snowfall at nighttime and he couldn´t go out to play with it. There was so much more going on than just a cold or fewer, but everything is ok now. I thought that simple title is enough to provoke emotions which were behind that picture.

Secondly i have a problem and would want  your answers.

If i host next challenge it will be short, just 7 days.I´m leaving in Nothern Norway for fishing/photo trip in ten days, so i can´t host usual 14 day challenge.

I have theme in my mind, but what you think. Is 7 days too fast for challenge ?

I would want you to express you opinios fast because i´m running out of time.

If you think challenge should be longer, then  i have to deliver it to second place winner greatscott94.

So it´s up to you...i´m waiting for answers.

I say go for a 7 day challenge...make it a relatively easy topic so you get plenty of entries. That would leave out the "From the top of the Eiffel Tower" challenge, but we'll survive. Good Luck!!!!

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