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Re: Sony provides so much more! Really?

Bjorn_L wrote:

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123Mike wrote:

cherry picking one thing and using that to dismiss everything. A very weak argument.

Besides, it's incorrect. You can perfectly well track 10 and 12 fps shooting. It's just different. You can tune into it, you really can. I can. Perhaps you can too. Not every is handy though.

But, for those that aren't that handy, they could choose 8 fps where all those downsides go away.

So, how many fps do you have?

8fps 19 point x-type AF so by now you know what I shoot with.

You left off the key feature of the 7d's AFS system.  Which is that is one of the fastest most accurate AF systems in a crop body particularly with a f/2.8 lens which can keep up with it.

You have to realize that the basis of my arguments were features that I know that the Sony has that the others do not have. My arguments were never specifically targeted at putting down other cameras. For instance, I know that the Sony does 60p video. That's really great! It means smooth video! It's fantastic for all around family use. It's an amazing way to capture the family in full smooth motion. I don't specifically say that the Canon is a piece of crap. But that's what others have been doing. I'm getting arguments like "amateur" and "toy" and "gimmick" and "impressing/fooling others" and I forget what else.

If the 7D has something in the AF system that makes it really good, that's not a bad thing in my eyes. It is a good thing! What irks me is that people THINK what I'm all about, how I think. It is GOOD to see competition. If the AF system is faster, then when someone asks about a solution requiring super fast action, then I'd point out that whatever-other system as an option! (is the AF of the 7D faster than the A57 btw? Have you seen comparisons?)

But end of day, when someone wants an all around well rounded camera that can work really well for them, then I point out the A57 because I *know* it is a very good product! Very formidable that surely hold up against the competition!

My camera also does 8fps, but after using it for a while I noticed that with a stellar AF and a fast accurate lens I could drop it down to 5.5 and get just as high a keeper rate.

Is that because of the mirror moving action causing vibration? There are less moving parts in the Sony and there is less vibration.

Handy if you are shooting an entire tournament or a all day track and field meet.  I only want to sort through so many photos at the end.

Now that sucks, I know. Do you know of any apps that will assist with picking the good ones?

Accuracy, speed, reliability, ability to follow movement are what matter more to AF and your 7d's only APS-C "competition" for this is the d300s and d7000/d7100..

The Sony is too! For sure it is! It does object tracking (did I leave this out of the list?). I don't know if the other cameras have object tracking, but what the Sony does, is you press the object tracking button, You then center on an object you wish to track. Press the button again, and tracking begins. As long as the camera can see the object at all times, it continues to track it. From that point you can shoot away without having to worry about moving the focusing mode or point(s). I find it works pretty well. This works for stills and video. The speed at which it focuses is very fast. Pretty much instant, and only limited how fast the lens' focus can move. Some lenses have a lens based focus motor and focus *really* fast. Surprisingly, some body motor based screw focus lenses focus fast as well, and some are slow. Focusing is almost always direct and without hunting. The camera right away knows exactly how much to move the focus. It's not based on guessing or correcting/hunting. Of course this could screw up in very low light conditions, at which point it can go all over the place. But most of the time - it's *fast*. Very fast. I can't see how it's going to work any faster! How? More powerful focus motor perhaps? Certainly the focus system itself isn't going to become a heck of a whole lot better than what the Sony already offers. Or is some sort of specialized object tracking features that you're talking about?

opinions vary where they rank but I think everyone with a reasonable amount of experience would at least agree that those criteria are what really separate those cameras from the herd.

Based on all the arguments made here, I seriously doubt if any of your ever took the Sony serious or that you actually went to take a serious look. It's as if you all dismissed the camera before hand.

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