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Nonsense! You don't know what I know and what I don't know. I'm literally surrounded by a bunch of arrogant self entitled childish people around here. But you know what? I was warned about that. The other day I was at a camera store, and brought up the subject of online forums and DPR, and pretty much the whole store laughed. The utter shredding and ripping people apart here is just absurd. Insults flying on every single possible occasion. And where does it happen the most? In specific forums like this, where aggressive people like just can't wait to pounce on others. Trying to make yourself look big by trying to put the other guy down.

The reason why people deride DPR is it's full of "gear heads" where the type of camera you have and your knowledge of the technology is more important than your ability to take photographs. Where people take endless test photographs of brick walls to test the sharpness of their lenses when they can't take a decent photograph to save themselves. Where people pimp a certain brand or camera no matter what the original post asks. Where people argue to the death about the merits of their specific brand or camera. Where people brag about their incredible gear instead of getting out and using it. In short, where the gear is more important than the photography. And threads like this are symptomatic of the problem. You're not the only person who's participating in this nonsense. Sorry Craig, but you do not need a kick-ass 500mm lens to take a lovely photograph of your grandchild. You can take lovely photographs of your grandchildren with a bog-standard kit lens. The most important ingredient is put some heart in your photography. I'm not saying the photographs of grandchildren are rubbish. They're great. And you obviously love them and have a rapport with them. That's what really counts.

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