Panasonic GH3 review published

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Re: Panasonic GH3 review

R Butler wrote:

exdeejjjaaaa wrote:

R Butler wrote:
but the GH3 has the tendency towards underexposure that we've seen before in Panasonics. Not to a terrible degree, but enough for it to be marked down a touch.

you will see the raw data it is actually Olympus undexposing trying to preserve highlights for JPG shooters, not Panasonic

I disagree:

Olympus uses a lower Raw value to give middle grey in its JPEGs. (Which is what you're hacking your way 'round if you remove the correction in DNG).

Panasonic simply underexposes from time-to-time.

From a Raw perspective there would be little difference between the two files, but only one of those two situations ends with JPEGs that are too dark (underexposed). And that's not what you want if you shoot JPEG.

It seems to me, deej, that the statement surrounding JPGs has nothing to do with RAW ADU levels. If you take a look at the JPG tone-curve transfer-functions in the "Cameras Compared - Dynamic Range Compared") section of:

... with GH3 set to "i-Dynamic Off" and EM5 set to "Gradation Normal", while the curves up to sRGB=118 are pretty close to being the same, both the more pronounced S-curve "soft-clipping" of the EM5 tone-curve transfer-function as well as the (around) 0.4 EV higher maximum recordable input level ...

... even in a case where the metering constant, when applicable, (may) be the same ...

... would both be expected to yield recorded JPGs having a higher perceived overall "brightness" than the GH3 - due to higher sRGB tone-levels assigned for the same input levels in the EM5 JPG tone-curve transfer-functions relative to the GH3 JPG tone-curve transfer-functions.

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