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Re: Sony provides so much more! Really?

Limburger wrote:

123Mike wrote:

8fps 19 point x-type AF so by now you know what I shoot with.

The Sony A57 was on sale for $399 the other day. Still deals on below $500 I think. How much does your's cost?

Besides. The A57 has 8 fps without any compromises as well. Plus the option to do 10 and 12 fps with manageable compromises. Still better.

And don't think that non-cross is not capable of capturing focus!

Plus AF during video.

Plus 60p video in full HD.

go through the list again. Do you think it should not be considered for new camera buyers?

If you're happy with a kitlens and the features, go for it.

Kit-lens? Huh? It's an exchangeable lens camera! You don't need a kit lens to get any special features! The stabilization is in the body for one! You don't need any special in-lens motorized focusing mechanism. Some lenses do do that, and there are various versions of such a mechanism, but the body screw motor feeds the lens focusing power just as well. And you lose no features. My favorite lens right now is the Tamron 17-50 f2.8. Much nicer than the kit. I think others could enjoy this combination as well.

My camera is about 3x more expensive, not without a reason.

Do you recommend it for new camera buyers? People looking to get into the hobby? Would a Sony not be a good choice for them?

But the expense you can save on lenses as the 70-200 for example.

As a system Sony is a consumer brand, no more no less.

Sony has professional G lenses in their line up. Downplaying them as if they're inferior is only lying. There are also Tamron SP lenses, Sigma has some very high grade lenses (I'm hearing the best lens *PERIOD* is a Sigma lens now, a 35mm fix one I think - according to dxo. Can't 100% remember the details, look it up) - available for Sony as well. There a Minolta APO lenses. Plus there are some surprise lenses that a good and cheap and can definitely compete with the lenses that you feel really good about.

So, what do you think about the Sony A99. A useless Barbie like toy I'm sure?\

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